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Pavement design

pavement design

We design all types of pavements, from footpaths to service yards, estate roads, dual carriageways and motorways. We use our extensive knowledge of the British Standards, project experience and the latest specialist products available to provide cost effective construction build-up design to suit your site conditions and anticipated loading.


We design to ensure longevity whilst focusing on a cost effective solution and working around specific constraints, such as existing trees, poor ground conditions or shallow utilities which might restrict the depth available for the pavement. We design all types of paving, flexible or rigid, including; block, slab and cobble paving, permeable paving, concrete slabs, resin bound and resin bonded gravels, self-binding gravels, asphalt, porous asphalt and more.

We can design bespoke systems which include attenuation layers or tree root protection layers within the pavement build-up.

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