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Flood risk assessment, engineering and consultancy

flood risk consultant

Flood risk assessment

As the impact of climate change becoming more and more severe, flooding has become one of the largest threats to properties across the UK. 

The Environment Agency maintains a national map showing flood risk from rivers and the sea, which is split into three zones. Flood risk assessments are required at planning for all sites in flood zone 2 or 3, all sites over 1ha in flood zone 1, all sites in flood zone 1 where there are critical drainage problems or a risk of flooding from sources other than rivers and the sea (e.g. surface water flooding, sewers, reservoirs). 

Flood & Civil can produce flood risk assessments for all sites. 

Flood risk engineering and consultancy

If your site is at risk of flooding this can limit its potential uses and value. We can design bespoke flood mitigation and protection schemes to help you get the most out of your site. 

Whether your site is brownfield (already developed) i.e. commercial, residential etc. or currently greenfield. Tell us about your site and the flooding issues to see how we can help. ​

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